Welcome to Dog Impressions!

We are the creative and production team behind Pooch Of NYC, Little Freddie Tinkles and Dog Impressions that delivers unique high quality photo and video content relatable to both fans and partners alike.

Our focus remains on creating a daily distraction from real and fake news by providing content and captions that are inspiring, funny, and a bit cheeky at times. We truly are driven to making the world a better place through positive experiences one small effort at a time.

Our efforts have lead to collaborations and partnerships with major brands: Amazon, Katy Perry, Google, Four Seasons Hotel, Facebook TV Commercial, Candy Spelling, Avanti Press, Realtor.com, Preferred Hotels, Hotel Louvois Paris, Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, Vanderpump Pets, and Littlethings.com just to name a few.  We have also enjoyed being featured by various media outlets: PIX11 NY, FOX NEWS, TIME, People, BUZZFEED, HUFFINGTON POST, MASHABLE, THRILLIST, FRENCH MORNING, INSIDE EDITION, HELLO GIGGLES, AMNY, THE MORNING SHOW AU APPEARANCE, MARIE CLAIRE AU, RACHEL RAY MAGAZINE, RACHAEL RAY SHOW APPEARANCE and more. Read More

Marketing Services

Campaign 🎪? That’s what we excel at! Just look at our name and it will tell you what we are striving for. Impressions Impressions Impressions! We customize each campaign to provide you with the highest quality content and CPM  👀 value.

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Content Creation

Ideas 💡? We turn ideas and concepts into something fluffy and tangible every time. Our photo and video production team is always striving to create the most interesting content on the world 🌎 wide web!

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Photo / Video Licensing

Need 🎬content for your project? Choose one or more of our images on PoochOfNYC, LittleFreddieTinkles, or DogImpressions or request new media production and contact us for a quote.

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NFTs & Collectables

We generate additional operating income by selling select Pooch Of NYC and Little Freddie Tinkles Collectables at insane crypto currency prices. Select items are sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  If you would like to own a piece of our digital art or history click on the link below to see what might be available. You will be required to sign up with Opensea.io and create a crypto currency wallet prior to making a purchase.

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Have an event or party that could be more exciting with PoochOfNYC and LittleFreddieTinkles in attendance? Contact us for a availability and quote.

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