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Marketing Campaigns

Fresh, creative, and interesting ways to highlight your brand, product and services.

Content Creation

Our eye for unique ideas and creative styles provide you with content that appeals to the masses. Many of our videos and photos take on a life of their own, shared and liked millions of times.


Want to draw a crowd to your next event? How about inviting Agador and Fred to the party? They are certainly crowd pleasers.

Hotels, Spas and Resorts

Who wouldn’t want their best friend to join them on holiday? Highlight your pet friendly status with cute photos and videos of Agador and Fred at your property. See samples of our resort content by clicking on “See More” at the bottom of the next 5 pages.

Let’s throw a puppy brunch

Meet us for coffee and a selfie 🤳 Appearances bring smiles and create a memorable experience.

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