Hello Agadorables!

Welcome to our blog! A few things before you get started:

We are so excited to have you here and hope that you enjoy our blog posts as much as our social media content.  We will always try to keep our post short and sweet and to the point and of course we encourage questions and feedback on any of the information that we provide.  We may be slow to respond however we will eventually try to get back to everyone.

Please remember that we are not experts at anything except for taking some cute photos and videos and trying to make the world a better place one smile and one giggle at a time. Any products or services mentioned in our blog posts or depicted in our photos may be good for us and our pets but may not be the case for everyone. We will also be documenting our travels with plenty of helpful ideas however we highly recommend that you thoroughly do your research before considering traveling with your pet as airlines, rules, and regulations are constantly changing.

That's it! We ❤️ You 😘🐾 Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Hello Agadorables!”

  1. Good luck on this new journey… I mean this blog. You guys definitely contribute to make us happy. Thanks for sharing your daily routine with your lovely pets. I love you Agador an Little Freddie so much 😘😘

  2. I look forward to experiencing your cuteness every single day, Freddie and Agador! You make everyday more joyful! Thanks to your parents for sharing you with the world! Love from Houston…

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