What makes Poochofnyc and LittleFreddieTinkles so appealing?

We were recently asked what it was about our dogs and our photos that have made them so popular. Upon reflection of our processes and dedication to generating quality, creative content we came up with the following which may or may not appear in a major publication:

Our pups Agador and Fred (IG: PoochofNYC and LittleFreddieTinkles) are Maltipoos with lots of fluff. Their big hair is fluffy and cute like a teddy bear which is relatable to the child in all of us and is part of the lure for sure. The hair also poses challenges for us in keeping perfectly coiffed and from shading their eyes or being blown out of shape by the wind during an outdoor photo shoot.

Capturing a still image of a dog in general can be challenging. We find it’s best for them to get their exercise in first and afterward it is easier to get them to focus on a desired pose. Treats also help immensely at this point. The shoot generally takes less than ten minutes and then it’s back to the studio to upload the day’s captures for review.

We believe there is an innocence and a beauty in all dogs and when given the proper circumstances; lighting, background, some creativite styling, and cooperation by the dog, their personality can be successfully captured in a photograph or video. The best captures will make you feel something, smile, laugh, or just simply make your day a little brighter. In addition to producing a successful capture we also have the advantage of creating a caption to further enhance the impact with our audience. Just like a cartoon drawing, a well thought caption can make a good photo great.

What is your favorite thing about Agador and Fred? Leave us a note and let us know. 😘🐾